Posted on: November 26, 2013 Posted by: Marc Stern Comments: 0

The 2013-14 HS basketball season is just around the corner and the NBA and NCAA are in full swing.

That being said there are many NCAA stars on television every single night who played their HS basketball in the DMV.  It would take up pages to list all of them but it seems like this year, unlike most, the number of DMV alumni is staggering.  From public to private, from highly coveted recruits to walk-ons, to high school stars, to role players who have put in the time and work and found their niche, there are plenty of players from our area that can be seen on a near nightly basis across the cable-verse.

One of the biggest story-lines that has hit college basketball early in this season regards O’Connell alumni and current Rutgers player Junior Etou whose age has once again come into question.  Apparently this issue has finally been settled.  Etou is 22 years old.  Etou illegally played last year for O’Connell while helping them win the WCAC Championship.  Apparently a fake Birth certificate was produced;  the birth certificate that O’Connell Basketball coach and athletic director Joe Wootten used last year claimed he was born in 1994.  However, the birth certificates Etou used in 2010 for at least two events: An NBA-sponsored camp for African players called Basketball Without Borders, and the African 18-and-under championships, for which he was listed on the Congo Republic roster as an 18-year-old, claimed he was born on June 4th, 1992.

Many DMV basketball fans, coaches, and officials are outraged by this.  They are not outraged by what has happened at Rutgers, but are outraged by the fact that the writing was on the wall regarding this last year and the WCAC simply turned their shoulder and did absolutely nothing.  Is this is a victimless crime?  Absolutely not.  There were 4, 5, maybe 6 teams who had a shot at winning the WCAC prize last year on the hardwood and because this one student-athlete cheated, and his school, and coach allowed it, it really is an atrocity.


But this is old news now and a whole new season is right before us.  So without further ado, let us enjoy!.