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After one day at the Comcast Center 16 teams are now down to 12 and the championship games are set for the 3A and 4A classifications.

In the first semi-final game of the day on Thursday City defeated Urbana 56-36.  This game wasn’t close as the undefeated Baltimore City team was in control the whole way.

In the second 3A semi-final we had our closest game of the day as defending state champs Milford Mill lost a close one, 71-68 to Westlake. Westlake used a box and one on Millers PG Justin Jenifer for much of the game.  This game was dominated by superb point guard play both ways.

In the third game of the day Montgomery County’s Walt Whitman overcame an early deficit to come back and defeat Annapolis 59-48 in another game dominated by stellar guard play by both teams.

And in the final game of the day Springbrook was attempting to make it an all Montgomery County 4A championship game but it wasn’t to be as PG County champions Wise led from wire to wire and defeated the Silver Spring school 57-44. Wise forward and N.C. St. football commit Micah Till had the line of the day with 18 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals, and a block.

3A Championship — City vs Westlake 3PM Saturday

4A Championship — Whitman vs Wise 8PM Saturday

Statistical leaders on day one


27, Dominic Espeleta, sr. (Westlake)

26, Juan Brown Jr. sr. (Annapolis)

23, Omari George, sr. (City)

23, Justin Jenifer, jr. (Milford Mill)

20, Kyle Depollar, soph. (Whitman)

18, Micah Till, sr. (Wise)

15, Andrew Robinson, sr. (Springbrook)

14, Isaiah Eisendorf, sr. (Springbrook)

13, Max Steinhorn, sr. (Whitman)


13, Micah Till, sr. (Wise)

12, Elijah Cooper, jr. (Milford Mill)

12, Omari George, sr. (City)

11, Chris Craft, sr. (Westlake)

10, Wilton Brown, sr. (Annapolis)

10, Derrick Perry, sr. (Westlake)


6, Micah Till, sr. (Wise)

4, Timmy Bond, sr. (City)

3, Connor Wrightson, sr. (Urbana)

3, Juan Brown Jr., sr. (Annapolis)

3, Aaron Pratt, jr. (Annapolis)

3,  Max Steinhorn, sr. (Whitman)

3, Anthony Brown, sr. (Milford Mill)

3, Dominic Espeleta, jr. (Westlake)

3, Randy Johnson, sr. (Westlake)

3, Desi Wiseman, sr. (Westlake)

3, Justice Sneed, sr. (Wise)


4, Micah Till, sr. (Wise)

3, Omari George, sr. (City)

3, Reggie White Jr., sr. (Milford Mill)

2, 11 players with 2


4, Isaiah Eisendorf, sr. (Springbrook)

3, Josh Fried, sr. (Whitman)

3, Reggie White Jr., sr. (Milford Mill)

2, Devin Moore, sr. (Wise)

2, Allen Costley, sr. (Milford Mill)


3, Dominic Espeleta, jr. (Westlake)

2, Gabriel Jarvis, sr. (Westlake)

2, Andrew Robinson, sr. (Springbrook)

2, Kyle Singer, sr. (Urbana)

2, Riley Shaver, jr. (Whitman)

2, Juan Brown Jr., sr. (Annapolis)


32, The following players played all 32 minutes in their respective games.

Josh Glover, jr. & Wilton Brown, sr. (Annapolis)

Max Steinhorn, sr. (Whitman)

Justin Jenifer, jr. (Milford Mill)

Kamau Stokes, sr. & Blair Davis, jr. (City)

Kyle Singer, sr. (Urbana)