DC Assault Big Shots Recap – Day One

Without a doubt the day’s top performance came from none other than Aquille Carr. Carr attracted standing room only crowds for both of his games , but most notably for his 33 point effort against DC Assault Gold.

It’s tough to double a point guard and it was even tougher for Assault who attempted to play the 5’5” star man to man. Carr (33pts) also finished with 7 assists and was just two steps quicker than everyone on the court in their 84-81 win. Myrek Fowlkes chipped in with a pivotal 17pts advancing their Under Armour B-more Panthers to the semifinals on Sunday. We caught up with Aquille after the game and here (above) is what he had to say.

More From The 17&U Bracket – The Fairfax Stars shocked DC Assault Gold in the nightcap. Mo Alie-Cox scored on a putback with 1.2 secs remaining to give the Virginia club a 55-54 win over the tournament host Assault.

Mo Alie-Cox – 6’6″ PF Fairfax Stars – Cox is 6’6″ but has a near 7’0″ wingspan that alows him to make up for much needed ground against opponents. Mo lists offers from VCU , Mt. St. Mary’s , Deleware and Nevada.

Jack Earley – 6’3″ SG Fairfax Stars – Earley is going to make a low Divison I or II team very happy , the kids can flat out shoot the rock. Four trey balls tonight as Earley continues this summer where he left off last , hot from outside.

Jordan Goodman – 6’9″ SG DC Assault – Goodman helped Assault out to an early lead scoring 10 of their first 15pts , and finished with a team high 18pts.

Daquan Cook – 6’1″ PG UA Bmore Panthers – Cook could very well be playing 16’s because of his young age but he is doing just fine where he’s at. True point guard with a solid stop and pop game.

16&U Report –

Trey Boykin 6’4” SG – DC Assault – Boykin is a name to remember , the 6’4” SG is one of the most athletic players in the country. After missing nearly two years of high school , he is back and ready to make a name for himself on the circuit. Solid catch and shoot guard who nailed 6 3pt shots in two games with a 17.5ppg average in both contests. High majors have already offered.

Juniour Etou – 6’8″ PF DC Assault – We got out first look at Etou , a kid that Assault coach Ranard Phillips thinks highly of , and much deserving. Etou is a versatile post player with a smooth game.

Lionel Greene – 6’3″ SG Team Melo – After a lackluster season at City Lionel is back in gear and showing off his tools during summer ball. Greene is night and day right now between high school and AAU , we like the AAU look much better and so does Coach Ken Gibson. Greene scored 14pts including a follow up slam and on some strong attacks at the rim. Look for Greene to climb back up amongst the elite  in 2012 , where he belongs.

Anton Waters – 6’6″ PF Team Melo – Waters is long and skinny , but has a grit about his game. Waters is a 2013 prospect , Melo also got contributions from Tavon Saddler and Warren Powers.

15&U ReportTre Thomas – 6’0″ SG DC Assault – Thomas is a flat out scorer and one to watch in 2014. Scored a team high 19pts against Ivey 23.

Kerem Kantel – 6’7″ PF DC Assault – Kantel showed flashes of dominance early on  , a big with good hands and a soft touch.  Needs to learn to keep the ball up high on boards , has a high basketball IQ.

Chris Craft – 6’3″ SF 6th Man – Craft scored 15pts in a close loss to DC Assault.

Bryon Hawkins – 6’2″ SG DC Assault – Hawkins is a scoring guard that can finish with both hands out of the 2014 class.

Isaiah Washington – 6’2″ SG DC Assault – Hit the game winning jumshot against 6th man , finished with 10pts.

Marcus Floyd 5’8″ PG Team Philly – Played up and gave Assault 15’s problems at the point guard postion . Just another Philly point that is difficult to guard.

Aaron Briggs – 6’0″ SG Ivey XXIII – Not sold yet on Briggs fully but he is one that I want to monitor. Can score in bunches but at 6’0″ it’s not clear whether he is a 1 or a 2. He’s got some time though to figure it out.

Terrell Allen a 5’11” PG from DC Assault 14’s and Isaiah Lowman both had solid games in the AM session. Will get to see alot more out of these 2015 prospects who both note Dematha as their high school’s next season.