Capitol Hoops Player Rankings — Class of 2019


Capitol Hoops will be releasing our 2015 edition of player rankings over the next 10 days. Ranking players is a difficult process. With the help of almost a dozen high school coaches, AAU coaches, and various people in the media we feel that we have a very comprehensive list. While it is never possible to get these 100% accurate, we feel that we are very close. Rankings represent a combination of production and potential.

Today we release the class of 2019 (freshman) with 2018, 2017, and 2016 to come in the next 10 days. To all of the people who helped with this process I would like to thank you for your help.

2019 — Top 30

1Mekhi MitchellFBishop McNamara
2Sheriff KenneyGBishop O’Connell
3Justin MooreGDeMatha
4Karim CoulibalyFPalotti
5Armando BacotCTrinity Episcopal
6Qudus AbolajiCVa. Academy
7Marvin PriceGDeMatha
8Anthony HarrisPGPaul VI
9Mahkel MitchellFBishop McNamara
10Johnathan McGriffPGBishop McNamara
11James BishopGMt St Joseph
12Jay HeathGBishop O’Connell
13Gerard MungoGSt Frances
14Christian DePollarWFSt Stephen’s St Agnes
15Evan BuckleyPGStone Bridge
16Casey MorsellGSt John’s
17Mehki LongWFSt Mary’s Ryken
18Jason MurphyFChapelgate Christian
19Heru BligenGSt Andrews
20Logan CurtisGCalvert Hall
21Carsten KoglenikWFDeMatha
22Josh WattsWFGonzaga
23Brandon JoynerFBishop McNamara
24Jamel MelvinFDeMatha
25Marial MadingFSt. Anthony’s (NJ)
26William ThomasFMount Carmel
27Jahmir HarrisPGSt Mary’s Ryken
28Anwar GillGGonzaga
29Xavier JohnsonPGEpiscopal
30Daesean JonesPGPatterson