Markelle Fultz Interview & Mixtape Release

As Capitol Hoops drops Markelle Fultz’s first mixtape we got a chance to sit down with the junior sensation and discuss an array of topics.  Topics you usually don’t here us ask about in interviews after games.  We went a little outside the box with this one.

Capitol Hoops: Markelle, I would first like to congratulate you on your accomplishment of winning this year WCAC player of the year, is that a big deal for you?

Markelle Fultz: Yes it shows that all the work that I put in is starting to pay off.

CH: A lot of people know Markelle the ball player, but tell us about yourself a little bit off the court.

MF: Well its hard to say that because I’m always in the gym working but when I’m not in the gym I like to ride bikes and go out with my friends.

CH: if you were with your friends on a day off, what would you do?

MF: We would play 2k and go to the movies or play football.

CH: X-box or Playstation?

MF: X box one

CH: Whose yer squad if you got to play one game for all the marbles?


CH: Your favorite player in the league?


CH: What player — Past, present, high school, college, NBA, street-ball, whatever .. Do you think your game most resembles

MF: I would say Westbrook

CH: What part of your game do you think has improved the most in the last 12 months?

MF: I think that my ball handling and my ability to get to the rim has improve and also my defense.

CH: What part of your game do you think needs the most work before you start your senior season?

MF: I think I just need to work on my aggressiveness and my confidence and everything else just keep working on it.

CH: What other sports have you played .. on a team .. in an organized setting?

MF: I played football when I was little.

CH: You’ve got one television , NCAA championship between Duke and Kentucky is on and Game 7 of the NBA Finals OKC vs Cleve is on ..which one are you watching?

MF: Duke and Kentucky

CH: As a kid, before all the recruiting started, who was your favorite college basketball team?

MF: Kentucky lol

CH: Where is the coolest place that basketball has taken you?

MF:  The basketball hoop hall of fame

CH: Toughest defender you faced in the WCAC this year?

MF: Nigel Stewart

CH: If you could put together the Markelle Fultz Slam Dunk Contest and you could pick any 4 entrants in the world at any level of b-ball, who would they be?

MF: Zach Lavine , Kwe Parker , Nate Robinson , Terrence Ferguson

CH: Your favorite music ?

MF:  rap music

CH: Your favorite 3 rappers?

MF: Lil Wayne , Shy Glizzy , and Drake

CH: Are there any DeMatha Alumni that you look up to and admire?

MF: oh yeah, a whole lot of them, if I had to name one, Victor Oladipo.

CH: What kind of advice would you give to JV basketball players out there who were in your shoes last year who look up to you and aspire to play like you?

MF: I would say never give up no matter what ! Every time you get an opportunity you should give it your best effort and keep working! Also you Just have to believe in God.

CH: Last question, your favorite highlight in the mixtape

MF: The dunk at Eleanor Roosevelt, no question

We thank Markelle, and look forward to watching him grow as a player and a young man over the summer and into his senior year.