Montgomery County All-Star Game Closes Strong After Slow Start

The beginning of the 2014 Montgomery County All-star game was sloppy.

But sloppy in a weird sense.  Three players showed up after the game started.  There wasn’t a dunk event attempted until six and a half minutes into the 40 minute contest. There wasn’t much buzz in the gym.  But players were hitting their three’s and making lay-ups, it just didn’t have that all-star feel to it.  But then Damascus’s Trevor Stottlemyer put down the game’s first dunk, and then the games second dunk.  And then things started to heat up.  Within minutes there were dunks galore, little one on one battles with players trying to break their opposition down off the dribble, and normal all-star game antics.

The game proved to be a major success.  Andrew Robinson of Springbrook punched a game high six dunks home.  His twin brother Aaron, had the fans screaming a couple times with his ankle breakers.  Gaithersburg’s Aaron King returned the favor on Aaron with an ankle breaker in the second half.  Xavier Sewell of Clarksburg threw a few nasty dunks home.  Ellis Dozier of Sherwood was living in the paint and piping them through.  And then late in the game Blair’s Lonnie Feldman got in on the action and stole the show throwing putback dunks home on back-to-back possessions.

There was no official scorebook.  But some Montgomery County coaches who have been putting managers through the grinders of keeping stats through the years were seen returning the favor on Wednesday night for their departing seniors.  Unofficially Clarksburg’s Josh Hardy led all scorers with 24 points and had a game high 11 rebounds.  Springbrook’s Andrew Robinson was right behind him at 22.  The score of the game isn’t know by many, if any.  Mid way through the second half when the green team reached the century mark, Paint Branch couldn’t seem to get the scoreboard to reach triple digits so they just went back to zero.  A few minutes later the white team followed.  With a couple minutes left in the game it appeared they stopped keeping score all together.  The green team had a 20+ point lead and at that point it certainly didn’t matter.  Everyone had gotten their money’s worth and the coaches did a great job of making sure everyone got equal playing time.

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