Whitman Downs Annapolis; Headed Back to 4A Championship for first Time since ’06

In Whitman Coach Chris Lun’s 10th year he’s headed to his second state championship.  An accomplishment that Whitman and the whole Bethesda community is very proud of.

Whitman certainly isn’t the biggest team, they aren’t the fastest team, and it doesn’t take a keen basketball eye to know they aren’t the most athletic team.  But Whitman gets it done.  They have great shooters, great spacing, and superb coaching.  And they’re going to need all of that, and then some if they want to take home the hardware when they play Wise, Champions of Prince George’s County, who look like they could field a D-1 starting defense on the football field when you take a look at them.

But Whitman has shocked just about everyone outside of their locker room by getting to where they are now, so whats one more upset?  If there’s a coach to bet on to pull it off it’s Chris Lun.  Here are highlights from Whitman’s 59-48 victory over Annapolis in the 4A semifinal on Thursday night.

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