Gonzaga Completes Perfect WCAC Season

It wasn’t pretty, but Gonzaga was able to make their move in the fourth quarter and come back to beat O’Connell for the second time in the last 10 days at Bender Arena on the American University campus.  In doing so they have reached perfection.  18-0 in the WCAC, a conference some believe is one of the best in the country.

It took a total team effort on Sunday, as it has all season, with many players contributing in every facet of the game.  In a game that Kris Jenkins only scored 12 points in it was the efforts of Charles Glover, Bryant Crawford, Jordan Abdur-Ra’oof, Tavon Blackmon, Matt Jackson, and Jenkins that made the win possible.

Gonzaga is now the second team to run the table in its current format.  Last year Paul VI did the deed.  Prior to that no team had gone perfect in the WCAC since DeMatha back when their were two divisions in the WCAC and you didn’t play every team twice.

Up next for both schools is the WCAC tournament.  After that O’Connell will play in the Virginia State Private school championship, and with no city title game and no WCAC teams allowed to participate n the first inaugural DC City tournament there may not be much basketball left for O’Connell.

O’Connell was led by Romelo Trimble who scored 19 points and it’s big men who both double-doubled.  Junior Etou had 10 and 17 and Leroy Butts had 12 and 10.

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