Under Armour Grind Session Comes to D.C — Attracts DMV’s Top Talent

On Friday Coolidge High School’s gymnasium in Northwest, D.C. had the following players on hand (in alphabetical order).  Nate Britt, Aquille Carr, John Davis, Junior Etou,  Josh Hart, Byron Hawkins, Kris Jenkins, Nigel Johnson, Jairus Lyles, DeShaun Morman, Roddy Peters, Stanford Robinson, Melo Trimble, Andre Walker, and many, many more.

No, this wasn’t an all-star game, it was the “Under-Armour Grind session”.  Under-Armour invited the top 45 players from the mid-atlantic region to the event.  Under-Armour is hosting 5 such events this summer.  After D.C. they have stops in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston.  Friday’s grind session had players from the DMV, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and players everywhere in between.  The grind session is a combine type event where players go through rigorous drills.  They aren’t standard drills, they are unique drills that aren’t a part of most every day practices.  After going through a myriad of drills the players listed to former University of Maryland head coach Gary Williams give a speech.  The speech covered recruiting, how to plan for life after basketball, how to improve your game, and how to diversify yourself in both basketball and life.

In the afternoon players split up to do some 2 on 2, 3 on 3, and finally some live scrimmaging.

A lot of marquee players were on hand from the class of 2013 all the way down to the class of 2016.  Perhaps the most intriguing player on hand was 14 year old Thon Maker who stands 7 feet tall.  Maker, who is from Australia recently moved to the Baltimore area because of his father’s military commitments.  Maker has yet to choose a high school.  You can bet every high school from Baltimore down to Oak Hill will soon be on his tracks.

We got a chance to interview many of the top players at Grind Session so check out our highlights and interviews from the festivities.